Hussein Yahfoufi Thoughts on Technology Products and the People Who Build Them

Android Design 0

5 Step Android Design Primer

Android Design is not Apple Design. When creating your Android app, even if porting from iOS, you should follow this basic 5 step Android design primer. In this article, I summarize Android Design into very simple steps from a product executive perspective to get you started with Android Design. Read More…

Choosing Product MVP 2

How MVP Benefits Product Development

Determining the core features that provide the greatest return on investment and deliver the most customer value is one of the biggest challenges we face in product development. Defining the MVP of a product can help you overcome these challenges and achieve great results. Read More…

Evernote at Work 4

5 Tips For Using Evernote At Work

Evernote is a great product that only gets better with time. The more notes you have in Evernote and the more you use Evernote at work the greater the benefits you will get. Evernote is an integral part of my work and a very essential tool that helps me manage my team and work. Read More to learn about my 5 tips for using Evernote at work.

product_vision_strategy 0

A Shared Product Vision Benefits Your Team and User

Managers have to share the product vision and strategy with the team in order to increase productivity (and engagement!), rather than simply assigning each individual with tasks. By having a shared product vision, the employee, company, product and most importantly, the users, will benefit. If the team does not have the background and works in silos, most likely the team, the product and your end users will suffer. Read More…